If we don’t like someone, we should not delete him from history, - Shavkat Mirziyoyev

Shavkat Mirziyoyev is currently meeting with voters in Tashkent.

The meeting of Shavkat Mirziyoyev with the voters of Tashkent began.

A new phrase has appeared in our country - it turns out you can! If you ask me, our biggest achievement in 5 years has been that we have learned to live in peace.

We realized that we have many great ancestors, a story that has not been realized for centuries, and we paid attention to our youth. We all love our beautiful capital, our great city. Of course, I was born in the Jizzakh region, but since the age of 18 I have been living in Tashkent, that is, you all raised me.

I lived in rented houses and saw difficulties. It's not for nothing that I take the housing issue seriously. I myself have felt these problems. I have lived with the problem of registration for 18 years. It turns out that you can solve the problem!

Why we keep repeating the Third Renaissance. If more than 100 thousand of our scientists were not subjected to repression, we would be talking about the Fourth Renaissance today. Because they knew that the children of the great Uzbek people are very strong. These are my dreams! We did a lot of self-awareness, but these are still our first steps.

If we look at history, we must not forget one thing. If we do not like someone, we should not delete him from history. I said this when we were building the Independence Monument. We have visited many countries, but no other country has such a culture, respect for parents and ancestors, as we have.

We have successes in many areas, but we can do more. We achieve lofty goals, but the only way to achieve them is through education and upbringing. Our main goal is to earn the trust of the people.