Important numbers to know

Do you know how many benefits are currently in Uzbekistan, the minimum wage, the basic amount of accruals?
the minimum wage is 822,000 soums;
the basic amount of accrual is 270,000 soums;
the base amount for calculating the pension is 289,000 soums;
The minimum old-age pension is 565,000 soums;
allowance for persons with disabilities since childhood - 622,000 soums;
allowance for old age and disabled citizens who do not have the required work experience - 440,000 soums;
the minimum pension for incomplete work experience, taking into account additional payments - 440,000 soums;
from the established minimum old-age pension to 623,000 soums, the size of the old-age and disability pension of pension recipients is 623,000 soums.