Imports of 500 million dollars per year will be covered

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev made a speech on the occasion of his visit to Kashkadarya region and participation in the opening ceremony of the Uzbekistan GTL.

"First of all, I am very pleased to see you and the Saints on the generous Kashkadarya land, which has a rich and ancient history and brought great scientists and commanders to adulthood.
Today, on the eve of the New Year, in this sacred oasis, we are all delighted to witness a huge event that opens another bright page in the industry of our country.
The plant GTL, which produces liquefied synthetic products, is being launched in the District of Guzar, which has a unique wealth in its own right.
Of course, the construction of such a huge complex will be correct if we say that the result of our policy towards bringing industrial development to a new level in the country in the following years," the head of our state said at the outset.

The president also spoke about the unique technological advantages of the plant being launched and its distinctive features from other industrial projects in our country.

"The economic power and potential of the new Uzbekistan will be clearly demonstrated in such complexes," the head of our state said.

The complex is processed 3.6 billion cubic meters of natural gas a year and produces 1.5 million tons of finished liquid products worth more than 1 billion dollars. In particular, 307 thousand tons of aviakerosin, 724 thousand tons of diesel fuel, 437 thousand tons of naphtha, 53 thousand tons of liquefied gas are prepared.

These products account for about 500 million dollars of import per year, 200 million dollars of export and 2 trillion soums of tax revenues are provided.

"It should be noted separately that we will be able to re - produce 300 million dollars of gas, turning it into finished products whose value is 3 times higher and in demand in the world market," the head of our state said.