Information on the state social order is subject to mandatory publication

The Government Resolution "On measures to further improve the mechanisms of social partnership and public control" was adopted.

According to the resolution, until December 1, 2022, the following mechanisms for social partnership and public control will be introduced on the electronic portal

  • Participate in the development of programs by NGOs, monitor their implementation, submit to the responsible government agencies a document that must be considered based on the results of monitoring, proposals for draft legislation;

  • Posting the results of the review of NGO proposals on the electronic portal;

  • Sending documents prepared by NGOs on the results of public control to government agencies and announcing the results of their review.

From January 1, 2023, the following will be mandatory for government agencies and organizations to place on the electronic portal:

  • projects of social and economic programs;
  • announcements on the issuance of state social orders to NGOs for the - implementation of projects;
  • applications to public funds for the next year;
  • the results of the state social order, the state of expenditure of funds.