Internet speed has increased in Uzbekistan

Among 224 countries in terms of internet speed, the 166th place in the rating is taken by Uzbekistan.

Internet speed has risen by 37 lines in the international ranking compared to 2020.
Russia takes 66th place, which is the best indicator among the CIS countries, followed by Ukraine (77th place) and Belarus (92nd place).
A report by the UK telecoms provider found that a 5 gigabyte file in Uzbekistan is downloaded on average at 6.64 Mbps. According to this indicator, the country took the 166th place out of 224 countries.

According to the report, Turkmenistan is among the outsiders in terms of internet speed. He took the last 224 line. Here, it takes just over 22 hours 34 minutes to download a five gigabyte file.
The British edition also published a report for previous years. In it you can find information about the Internet speed of a particular country since 2017.
So, in 2017, Uzbekistan ranked 178th out of 189 countries in the Internet speed rating. In 2018, the country moved up slightly in the rankings, ranking 184 out of 200 countries.
In 2019, the quality of the Internet in the country improved again, thanks to which Uzbekistan was ranked 181 out of 207 countries. Last year, the country was ranked 200 out of 221 countries.