It has become easier for foreigners to buy real estate in Uzbekistan

The Presidential Decree "On the next reforms to improve the business environment and create conditions for sustainable economic growth through the development of the private sector" was adopted.

According to the decree, the following will be introduced:

  • in the sale of non-agricultural land by auction on the basis of property rights is allowed to pay in installments for up to 3 years;

  • Pledge of these assets as collateral to buyers who have made a lump sum payment of at least 35% on state assets and non-agricultural land sold on a conditional basis The right to vote is granted.

From May 1, 2022, citizens of foreign countries, the list of which will be approved by the Cabinet of Ministers, will be given the right to invest in Uzbekistan in the form of purchase of the following new real estate without requiring a residence permit:

  • In the cities of Tashkent region, Tashkent and Samarkand - real estate objects worth not less than the equivalent of 150 thousand US dollars, the value of not less than the equivalent of 180 thousand US dollars in the objects of real estate accepted for use on the basis of contracts concluded during construction;

  • in other regions - real estate objects worth not less than the equivalent of 70 thousand US dollars under the contracts concluded during the construction period, real estate objects accepted for use not less than the equivalent of 85 thousand US dollars.

At the same time, the purchase of these real estate objects is not a basis for foreign citizens to obtain a permanent registration and residence permit in Uzbekistan.

The amount of real estate required to obtain a residence permit in Uzbekistan on the condition of purchase of real estate by citizens of foreign countries has been reduced from $ 400,000 in Tashkent region and the city of Tashkent to the equivalent of $ 300,000.