It was announced that «Taliban» will participate in the Tashkent conference on Afghanistan

The Taliban delegation will participate in the international conference on Afghanistan, which will be held in Tashkent on July 25-26. Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan Vladimir Norov announced this at a roundtable discussion held in Moscow.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs on July 11-12, the Minister The delegation of Uzbekistan headed by Vladimir Norov said that the participation of the Taliban in the conference "does not mean that we recognize them."

"We want to convey to the current government through this conference. This is aimed at fulfilling their international obligations accepted and signed in the framework of the Tashkent meeting," said acting minister.

"Our positions are the same as those of Russia, Uzbekistan, and neighboring countries: the Taliban must fulfill its obligations and create an inclusive government covering all political, ethnic, and religious groups in the country," he added.

P.S. On July 25-26 of this year, an international conference on Afghanistan will be held in Tashkent, and more than 20 state delegations will participate in it.