Italiyada the most severe drought in the last 70 years is observed

The water of the largest Po River in the country is decreasing, and this Dogaliyada is rated as the most severe drought in the last 70 years.

It is reported that the lack of water causes damage to the crop of farmers. A few months ago, the river that flows along the Green Coast looked like an Uzan desert. This was caused by a lack of precipitation, a significant rise in air temperature in the summer.

In early July, a state of emergency was declared due to drought in five areas in the north of Italy. Dozens of municipalities have introduced a water supply regime.

Farmers in the valley of the Po River say that part of the river has dried up, while in other parts the salt water of the sea is mixed, causing damage to crops.

The Po River begins from the south-western Alps and flows into the Adriatic Sea. The length of the river is about 650 kilometers. Almost a third of the country's agriculture is connected with this river.