July 2 - The day of adoption of the state emblem of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Today is the 29th anniversary of the adoption of the law of the Republic of Uzbekistan «On the State Emblem». This date has a special significance for each of us and for the history of our Motherland.

The Law «On the State Emblem of the Republic of Uzbekistan» was adopted on July 2, 1992 at the tenth session of the Supreme Council of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The coat of arms of Uzbekistan was developed taking into account the centuries-old national experience and traditions. Its creators tried to reflect in it the rich history, eternal values, high spirituality, lifestyle, dreams and aspirations of the Uzbek people, the magnificent nature of the country.

The Humo bird with open wings is depicted in the center of the coat of arms – a symbol of happiness and freedom. Our great ancestor Alisher Navoi characterized the Humo bird as the kindest of all living beings.

In the upper part of the coat of arms there is an octagon, symbolizing the sign of the approval of the republic, inside there is a crescent with a star.

The image of the sun is a wish that the path of our state is illuminated with a bright light. At the same time, it indicates the unique natural and climatic conditions of the republic.

Ears of corn are a symbol of daily bread, stalks with opening cotton boxes are the main wealth of our sunny Earth, which has made it famous all over the world. The ears and boxes of cotton, intertwined with the ribbon of the National Flag, mean the consolidation of the peoples living in the republic.

The coat of arms is widely used as a symbol of a sovereign state in the socio-political life of the Republic. The image of the coat of arms is placed on contracts and agreements signed with foreign countries, on documents on interstate cooperation and diplomacy. Along with this, the image of the coat of arms is displayed on internal documents of state importance, on the seals of state-owned enterprises and organizations, on official documents. The image of the state emblem can also be seen on the Uzbek currency-sum.