Latvia will support Uzbekistan in the framework of three projects

Based on the results of the selection of projects in the field of development assistance, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia approved 8 grant programs for the implementation of about 1 million US dollars in the Eastern Partnership countries of the European Union and the priority states of Central Asia.

Of these, 3 grant projects will be implemented in Uzbekistan:

The project of the Latvian technology company SunGIS «Creation of a prototype portal for the publication and public discussion of the general plan of residential areas of the Republic of Uzbekistan».

The project «Digital kick» of the Latvian Association for the transfer of startup technologies «Development of skills in the field of digital technologies for women of Uzbekistan».

The project of the Latvian cluster of environmentally friendly technologies Cleantech Latvia «Increasing the potential for implementing investment projects in the field of water use in the regions of Uzbekistan».