Law on the legal status of foreigners and stateless persons came into force in Uzbekistan

President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev on Friday, June 4, approved a law on the legal status of foreign citizens and stateless persons in the country, the parliamentary newspaper Narodnoye Slovo reported.

The purpose of this law is to regulate relations in the field of the legal status of foreign citizens and stateless persons in Uzbekistan.

The main point of the law approves the procedure for issuing ID-cards to foreigners living in the republic.

The procedure for issuing an identification card:

foreign citizens or stateless persons permanently residing in the territory of Uzbekistan - upon reaching the age of 16 or at the discretion of their parents, guardians (trustees) - from the moment of the birth ofthe child until he reaches the age of 16;

persons who have received a permit for permanent residence in the territory of Uzbekistan, including persons who have entered the territory of the republic, whose citizenship of Uzbekistan has been terminated in accordance with the law on citizenship.

foreign citizens or stateless persons, including founders (participants) of enterprises with foreign investments, who have made investments in the organization of enterprises for the production of goods and the provision of services on the territory of Uzbekistan, as well as members of their families on terms.

foreign citizens or stateless persons who have been granted political asylum in Uzbekistan.

Validity period of the identification card The identification card is issued for the following validity periods:

newborns under 1 year old - 2 years old;

persons aged 1 to 16 years - 5 years;.

persons aged 16 to 60 - for 5 years;.

persons over 60 - for 10 years.