Long-term cooperation is going on

The "Top Business Group" company has been closely cooperating with many large organizations and firms, manufacturers and service enterprises for almost 15 years. One of these companies is "Orient - Group".

This diversified company covers areas such as agriculture, industrial manufacturing, construction, retail and commerce development and management.

At present, the company successfully manages such directions as "Riviera" shopping and entertainment center, "Anhor Park", "City Parking" commercial zone, DEPO Mall, "Shahar Outlet" shopping center, "Makro" retail chain, "La Cantine" restaurant, and See also The Mag and The Beat internet radio.

The products manufactured by the “Orient - Group” company, the services provided are regularly brought to the attention of the general public through the publications of the “Top Business Group” company, the magazines “Top Business” and “Iste'molchi, Consumer”.

Efficiency in the framework of close cooperation has shown the need to expand the scale of actions in this direction for both sides.

The representative of the "Orient-Group" company, the head of the trade network "Macro" Roman Sayfulin expressed interest in the new international project of the "Top Business Group" company - "Bright Uzbekistan".

In this regard, a meeting of the founder of the "Bright Uzbekistan" project Davron Abdullayev and the creative team of the project with Roman Sayfulin took place. During the meeting, issues of further cooperation were discussed.

There was also a presentation of the "Bright Uzbekistan" project, with a detailed explanation of its main goals and objectives.

In turn, Roman Sayfulin expressed his impressions of the "Bright Uzbekistan" project.

The parties discussed the prospects for further cooperation and implementation of joint work.