Many flights at airports in Uzbekistan are delayed due to fog

The plane of Aeroflot airline flight SU-1976 with 131 passengers on board, en route from Moscow, due to heavy fog, could not land in Urgench at 06:40 and left for an alternate airfield in Nukus.

Now another flight - HY053 - of Uzbekistan Airways is waiting for departure to Urgench in Tashkent. According to the schedule, the board was supposed to land in Urgench at 08:20. Then the plane will fly to Istanbul with flight HY279. But there is still fog at the Urgench airport. Visibility has improved from 200 meters to 400 meters. Forecasters predicted that the fog should clear by 11:00 - 11:30. Visibility acceptable for flying is at least 800 meters.

The fog also delayed flight HY091 from Tashkent to Andijan. The plane was supposed to take off at 08:30, however, due to fog at the receiving airport, it is still located in Tashkent. The preliminary departure time is at 12:00 local time.