Meeting of the Sister Ports of the Turkic Council was held in Samsun

The Fourth Meeting of the Sister Ports of the Turkic Council was hosted by Samsun International Port with the participation of representatives of the Ports of Baku, Aktau, Samsun and Kuryk on 6 September 2021 in Samsun, Turkey. Mersin Port of Turkey and Logistic Centers “Universal Logistics Services” and “Akhtachi” of Uzbekistan also attended the meeting as prospective members of the Turkic Council Sister Ports process.

The meeting started with the opening statements of the Deputy Chairman of Cey Group Berzan Avcı and Deputy Secretary General of the Turkic Council Mirvokhid Azimov and continued by the presentations of the representatives of Ports on their new facilities, infrastructural developments and potential to attract freight flow in China-Europe axis.

During the meeting, the Parties touched upon the role of the Trans-Caspian International Corridor and emphasized the importance of taking necessary actions through creating favourable conditions across the corridor, particularly facilitation of transit procedures by decreasing tariffs and logistical costs while accelerating the speed of the transport operations.

Furthermore, a lively discussion was held on the ways to enhance cooperation among the sister ports and to facilitate transport operations where the Parties underlined the importance of having putting joint computerized system across the Corridor for streamlined operations.