Ministry of Innovation approved startups that will receive government funding

Most will be allocated to the study of Australian and Afro-Asian cotton species, as well as their valuable traits. It is also planned to finance the development of a software analyzer of Uzbek morphology for the search engines Google and Yandex.

According to the press service of the ministry, on October 13, at a meeting of the board of the Ministry of Innovative Development, 12 projects submitted by the scientific and technical councils of the ministry were considered and approved.

Three projects are fundamental, four are applied, and three are innovative. Funding is also expected for one project in the field of commercialization and startups.

Fundamental projects for inclusion in state programs for scientific activity for 5 years:
in-depth analysis of grape genomes, identification of candidate genes and markers, study of the patterns of breeding its seedless varieties - 3.81 billion soums;
study of molecular-phylogenetic relationships of wild Australian and Afro-Asian cotton species, as well as their valuable traits - 4.87 billion soums;
the history of the formation of tugai vegetation and current trends in its development against the background of a changing climate - 2.47 billion soums.

Applied projects for three years:
creation of soil analysis technology based on international standards (51 ISO / TC 190 Soil quality) - 2.3 billion soums;
a program for diagnosing the severity of allergic dermatosis - 2.3 billion soums;
algorithms for the diagnosis and treatment of invasive pulmonary aspergillosis in patients with COVID-19 - 660 million soums;
development of a software analyzer of Uzbek morphology for search engines Google and Yandex - 1.2 billion soums.

Innovative projects:
creation of medicines based on plant terpenoids (antiparasitic, gynecological, anti-inflammatory) - 2.596 billion soums;
children's literary platform with a mobile application - 697 million soums;
research and analysis of approaches to the collection, storage and provision of subscriber data by mobile operators for operational search activities - 2.06 billion soums.
In addition, the ministry has approved the commercialization of an enriched clay mixture, from which molds for casting metals will be made. The project is estimated at 894.6 million soums. Another 1.5 million soums will be allocated to a startup to create an autonomous irrigation system in the Akhangaran district of the Tashkent region.