More than 200 thousand of our soldiers and officers were awarded military state awards

The Committee of the Senate of the Republic of Uzbekistan on Defense and Security held a seminar at the Shon-Sharaf State Museum as part of the Victory Park memorial complex under the Ministry of Defense on the topic “Showing respect to the participants of the World War II and selfless home front workers is one of the priority directions of social policy of the Republic of Uzbekistan ".

These days, various social events dedicated to Victory Day have been held across the country. The impetus for these events was the decree of the head of state "On the encouragement of participants in the Second World War" and the decree "On measures to prepare and conduct a day of remembrance and honors", as well as in order to bring to the general public the heroism and historical merits of the participants of the Second World War and veterans, selflessly working in the rear, educating the younger generation worthy of our ancestors.

Chairman of the Senate Committee on Defense and Security Kutbitdin Burkhanov noted that  thanks to the initiatives of the head of state, a new era began in the study of our history during the Second World War. In particular, until 2020 it was believed that before the start of the war, the population of our country was 6 million 551 thousand people, about 1 million 500 thousand of them took part in the war. According to new data, about 1 million 951 thousand people were mobilized from Uzbekistan for the war, every third inhabitant of the country fought against fascism. Over the years, the names and fates of 451 thousand of our compatriots have been forgotten.

It was also established that more than 59 thousand of our compatriots were attracted to the active army, who at that time were exiled to other countries as "kulaks" (the term used towards the end of the Russian Empire to describe peasants with over 8 acres of land).

In addition, it was previously said that 396 thousand citizens of Uzbekistan died in the war. In fact, this number was more than 538 thousand, and more than 158 thousand were missing.

As a result of the research carried out, a clarification was made in the number of representatives of Uzbekistan, awarded orders and medals. Previously, this figure was 120 thousand people. Based on new data, it has been established that in World War II more than 200 thousand of our soldiers and officers were awarded military state awards. Especially, earlier it was believed that the number of Heroes of the Soviet Union from Uzbekistan was 280, but in fact their number is 301, 70 of our compatriots were awarded the Orders of Glory of three degrees.

Uzbekistan is among the ranks of countries that made a huge contribution to the victory over the Nazis. In addition to the huge number of soldiers sent to the front, Uzbekistan also became an important production center, where they produced military equipment, weapons, medicines, uniforms, and food.

Today it is important not to forget the contribution that our ancestors made to the good of the motherland and fatherland. The future generation has no right to forget the events of the war. All citizens of the state should know for what purpose the victory and peaceful life were gained.