Musk’s contemplation on leaving his job to pursue a career as a featured blogger

He posted it on his Twitter, where in the comments some bloggers have already reacted and offered to help Musk promote his channels.

The founder and CEO of Tesla has cut his stake in the company for the fifth week in a row. He traded more than 934,000 shares this week, with 6 million securities left to sell before he can fulfill his promise to sell 10% of his stake in the company. Musk's fortune, according to Forbes Real-Time, is down another 5.42%, or $15.1 billion

Elon Musk, the wealthiest man in the world and Tesla founder, sold another 934,091 shares for about $963 million, which he will expend to pay taxes on the exercise of 2.2 million options, Bloomberg reported, citing documents disclosing the deal to a regulator. Musk's fortune is down $15.1 billion (5.42%) in the past 24 hours, according to Forbes Real-Time rankings.

Musk has purchased shares for the fifth week in a row, moving consistently closer to fulfilling his promise to sell up to 10% of his stake in the company. Thus, the total number of shares he sold after completing a survey of his Twitter followers on the matter has now risen to nearly 11 million.