Navoi State University of Mining and Technology established

Navoi State Mining Institute was reorganized into Navoi State University of Mining and Technology.

The university trains specialists with higher education and scientific and pedagogical personnel for industries, technical, technological, and engineering profiles.

Decree of the President (PP-186 dated March 31, 2022)) “on the establishment of the Navoi State University of Mining and Technology” was adopted

According to the resolution, the university created:
- Nukus Mining Institute;
- Scientific and technological industrial park "Navoi";
* In 2022/2023 academic year:
- Karmanovo Polytechnic College;
- Kurgan Polytechnic College.

The technical schools at the university will organize training for industries, mining, metallurgical, machine-building, construction, energy, electrical engineering, and service.

Senior university students will be employed through the remuneration system, including measures will be taken to introduce a remuneration system during internships.

Starting from the 2023/2024 academic year, the university will organize personnel training based on joint educational programs in the technical direction.