New benefitsin admission to pensions from June 1

Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan (PF-6155 No. 03.02.2021) "On the State Program for the Implementation of the Strategy of Action in Five Priority Areas of Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan for 2017-2021." Following conditions will be created for citizens when assigning pensions and benefits:

● the period when the electronic database on wages and work experience is not maintained when assigning pensions - the length of service until 2005 is calculated on the basis of the available entries in the work book without the need to provide supporting documents;

● the verification of recalculations of pensions and benefits assigned for 3 years and earlier, as well as the collection of the overpayment established for them, is canceled;

● working citizens are given the right to voluntarily pay a monthly social tax on their income so that their unemployed spouses can receive a pension in the future;

● pensions and benefits are assigned and paid at the discretion of the citizen at the place of permanent or temporary residence;

● applications for non-cash pensions and benefits are submitted electronically when opening plastic bank cards in branches of commercial banks or through mobile applications of the bank, without contacting the appropriate department of the off-budget Pension Fund;

● determining the loss of the right to a pension on the basis of electronic data provided by the relevant ministries and departments, recipients of a non-cash pension come to the Pension Fund office every six months and are visited by officials. In this case, the obligation to conduct monitoring ceases.