New cable car with a total cost of € 15,200,000 at the Amirsoy ski resort

Amirsoy Express provides delivery of visitors from the access road directly to the resort itself, reducing the driver's journey by 5 km. passing the serpentine through the mountainous terrain. The cable car is represented by 74 gondolas (cabins) with a capacity of 10 people. The total length of the cable car is 2,913 meters and the capacity of 2,400 people per hour. Travel time is 9 minutes. The facility was built as soon as possible in the period from May 01 to December 15 this year. The total investment amounted to 15.2 million euros.

And also, a unique and the first high-altitude restaurant complex at an altitude of 2290 meters. It includes the restaurant "2290" À la carte with seats for 70 people, a terrace with a view of food in the take it and go format and a bar for skaters, where riders and pedestrians can enjoy a unique atmosphere and impressive mountain views. The terrace of the complex has a panoramic view of the picturesque nature.