New route connecting Central Asian countries with Russia

A new 280-kilometer highway is planned to be built among Kyzylorda, Kazakhstan, and Uchkuduk, Uzbekistan.

In December, representatives from the two countries signed a plan to build Kyzylorda-Uchkuduk highway and railway. The total length of the highway is 280 km, of which 140 km is expected to pass through the territory of Kazakhstan.

It is planned to develop a feasibility study for the road in 2024-2025, and start construction in two to three years from 2025 on.

The estimated cost of the road is 75 billion Tenge ($ 173 billion), including 5 billion Tenge for the construction of the checkpoint.

The road is anticipated to link Central Asian states with Russia via the southern, central and northern regions of Kazakhstan which will be part of the Kyzylorda-Jezkazgan-Pavlodar-Russia international corridor.