One of the largest and most important sporting events in Uzbekistan

On March 27, Tashkent hosted the IV International Marathon "Navruz", which has been traditionally held since 2019, and the first half marathon of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. The festival was organized by the Ministry of Sports Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the National Olympic Committee, the Athletics Federation of Uzbekistan, the Tashkent city administration and the Agency for Youth Affairs.

The prestigious SCO international half marathon has been organized in our country for the first time. This marathon is certified by the international structure AIMS in the "A" category. This means that the participation of professional athletes in the SCO half marathon, the marathon route, its transition process and results will be evaluated by international experts. Ilya Mikhailovsky and Adrianus Stevens, technical experts of the International Athletics Federation and AIMS, evaluated this prestigious competition.

In total, more than 2,500 people took part in this international marathon.

More than 100 participants were professional athletes, while the rest were amateurs and marathon enthusiasts. The marathon was also attended by the Minister of Sports Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan Adham Ikramov, as well as a number of foreign diplomats, foreign guests, artists, as well as prominent figures and stars of sports, including Vice President of the Olympic Council of Asia Otabek Umarov. Ravshan Irmatov, First Deputy Chairman of the UFA, Bahodir Jalolov, Ulugbek Rashitov, MMA star Mahmud Murodov and others, as well as veterans of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games took part in the event.

80 most experienced judges of the republic were involved in the management of the marathon. The judges were also assisted by 230 volunteers during the marathon.

Speaking at the official opening ceremony before the start of the Tashkent International Marathon, Minister of Sports Development Adham Ikramov stressed the importance of the marathon, as well as the role of running in improving human health and wished success to all participants in future competitions.

This year’s marathon races were held over several distances. Participants tested their abilities in the classic marathon (42 km 195 m), half marathon (21 km 97.5 m), 10 km, ekiden (team relay) and 3 km.

Meet the winners and prize-winners below:

Marathon 42 km 195 m
1. Ilya Tyapkin (Kyrgyzstan) - 2: 21.42
2. Zakirillo Mamatkulov (Uzbekistan, Fergana) - 2: 22.05
3. Vladislav Mamedov (Uzbekistan, Tashkent region) - 2: 23,18
1. Gulshanoy Sattorova (Kyrgyzstan) - 2: 34.50
2. Ekaterina Tunguskova (Uzbekistan) - 2: 39.28
3.Tamilla Kuchkarova (Uzbekistan) - 3: 11.23

Half marathon
1. Nursultan Keneshbekov (Kyrgyzstan) - 1: 04.28
2. Shohrukh Davlatov (Uzbekistan, Surkhandarya) - 1: 04.40
3. Otabek Tashquvvatov (Uzbekistan, Samarkand) - 1: 07.58
1. Aziza Mirzaakbarova (Uzbekistan, Andijan) - 1: 15.20
2. Maria Korobiskaya (Kyrgyzstan) - 1: 16.47
3. Sitora Kurbanova (Uzbekistan, Fergana) - 1: 24.4

Running a distance of 10 km
1. Bekzod Boymatov (Surxondaryo) - 35:03
2. Otabek Fayzullayev (Surxondaryo) - 35:47
3. Azizbek Nasimov (Samarkand) - 36:26
1. Dilnoza Usmonova (Andijon) - 43:29
2. Gozal Muhammadvaliyeva (Namangan) - 44:22
3. Farida Tolqinbekova (Andijan) - 44:53

In the marathon, the participants who took 1-5 places among men and women won cash prizes. In particular, the first place winner was awarded a cash prize of 30 million soums.

The men's and women's 1-3 places in the 10 km race were won by 3 million (1st place), 2 million (2nd place) and 1 million (3rd place) respectively. rin) won a cash prize of UZS.

Participants who completed the marathon in the allotted time also won a medal.