Over 100 Trillion Soums Received from Tax Collection to State Budget

In January-October, the State Budget of Uzbekistan received 105.4 trillion soums from tax collection.

About one third of this amount was made up of income taxes (32.9 trillion soums), as well as value added taxes (20.3 trillion soums), personal income (15.2 trillion soums), for the use of subsoil (13 trillion soums) and excise tax (10.4 trillion soums).

Other receipts and fees amounted to about 3.5 percent (3.7 trillion soums). In addition, less than three percent were contributed by land tax (3.3 trillion soums), state duties and fines (2.5 trillion soums), property tax (2.1 trillion soums), turnover (1.5 trillion soums) , for the use of water resources (0.5 trillion soums).