Over 1.3 million cyberattacks were detected on Uzbek websites within the year

In 2021, more than 17 million malicious and suspicious networks were detected in the Uzbek segment of the Internet. According to the Uzbek Cybersecurity Center, about 76% of the activity is botnets.

Last year, 100,015 domains were registered in the national Internet segment, of which 38,000 were active. However, only 14,014 of these numbers are secure and have an SSL security certificate. The rest are expired or non-existent.

In turn, the bulk of malicious and suspicious network activity occurred on users of national operators and providers.

The cyberattacks were reportedly registered in Uzbekistan, Russia, the United Kingdom, Germany and the United States.

In 2021, 636 security incidents totaling more than 1 million minutes without the websites of state and economic authorities, local state authorities and other organizations were identified.

There were also 444 incidents, of which 341 were related to unauthorized downloading of content and 89 were related to unauthorized alteration of the home page.

Hacker attacks occurred mainly due to the presence of vulnerabilities in web applications and the use of weak passwords.