People's Triumph - South Korea elects new President

The results of South Korea's March 9 presidential election have been announced. The main opposition party, the Civil Forces candidate Yun Sok Yol, was elected president for a five-year term.

The country’s former attorney general won nearly 48% of the total vote (about 16 million), less than one percent ruling United Democratic Party’s candidate, Lee Zhe Myung. More than 77% of voters turned out. Election Day has been declared a public holiday. A separate vote was organized for those infected with the coronavirus.

One week before the election, An Chul Su, the third most prominent candidate from the centrist People’s Party, announced that he would combine his candidates with Yun Sok Yul.

Speaking in the National Assembly after the 15th consecutive election, Yun Sok Yol, 61, called the result a "People’s triumph" rather than a personal or party victory. He thanked the other candidates and promised to work with the Democratic Party to "better serve the nation".

The elected president intends to focus on creating new jobs, enhancing business ambiance, regulating government agencies and reviving the economy amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Yun Sok Yol will take over from incumbent President Moon Jae-in on May 10. Until then, he will form a committee to transfer powers from the incumbent to the new president.