Alisher Usmanov Makes big bets To the Chinese company Xiaomi

Russia's richest billionaire Alisher Usmanov, in an interview with CNBC, estimated the return on his investment in the Chinese online retailer Alibaba at more than 500%. Usmanov declined to specify how much money his investment in Alibaba brought him and what his stake in the company is. The businessman only noted that he did not reduce his share in the trading giant.

Usmanov's share in Alibaba has never been disclosed. Earlier, the founder and head of China's largest online trading platform Jack Ma (No. 1 in the ranking of the richest people in China according to Forbes, his fortune is $ 19.5 billion) said that the Russian billionaire owns “not big, but big enough for us (for Alibaba) "shares.

Besides Alibaba, Usmanov has invested in the Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi. The businessman called this company "the future tech giant." "They have become a large company in China, the most successful since Huawei. We believe in this company and we will keep investing in this company. We know the founder of the company very well. And we will continue to invest in such companies," Usmanov said.