Prices for Kia and Hyundai cars have risen significantly in Uzbekistan

Prices for Kia K5 and Seltos "produced" in Uzbekistan have increased by 30-40 million soums. Hyundai prices also rose 10% -12%.

Korean automakers significantly increased prices in the Uzbek market in March.

In Uzbekistan, the Kia K5 and Kia Seltos, which are made of prefabricated car parts by the method of assembling large knots, have risen sharply. The average price increase was 10% -11%. Some positions cost more than 40 million soums.

Kia is raising sales prices for the second time since the beginning of this year.
It should be noted that despite the abolition of the 3% tax on car prices, none of the automakers has reduced prices.

The rise in prices comes amid the war in Ukraine.