Priority tasks have been identified to promote the initiatives put forward at the international conference at the inter-parliamentary level

At the seventeenth plenary session of the Oliy Majlis, priority tasks were identified to promote the initiatives put forward at the inter-parliamentary level within the framework of the international conference “Central and South Asia: Regional Interconnectedness. Challenges and Opportunities ”.

A specially developed Resolution of the Senate outlines the priority areas for the activities of the upper chamber to actively promote the initiatives of the head of state through the mechanisms of inter-parliamentary cooperation, strengthen the legal framework for cooperation in the spheres of economy, investment, energy and innovation in the development of green technologies, coordinate efforts and assist in the development of specific measures to solve environmental problems and disaster management issues, as well as support initiatives to protect the environment and others.

In addition, the relevant mechanisms of parliamentary diplomacy and parliamentary control have been identified. In particular, the expansion of international treaties of the Republic of Uzbekistan with the states of Central and South Asia in order to strengthen the interrelation of regions, the implementation of parliamentary control over the implementation of programs and plans for the development of international relations.