Projects of educational and cultural centers were considered

On April 18, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev got acquainted with the presentation of the construction projects of the New Uzbekistan University, the reconstruction of state museums, a new aquapark and a flower garden.

It is known that according to the decision of the head of our state on June 23, 2021, the University “New Uzbekistan” was established. The decision sets out the task of allocating land for this university, development and construction of a modern educational campus project involving foreign specialists.

In tadimot, initially this project was considered. For the University, 30 hectares of land is allocated along the Dormon road street of Mirzo Ulugbek District of the capital. Majmua project was developed in cooperation with the Turkish company” Outdoor Factory". According to him, there are educational buildings for 5 faculties, dormitories for administration, teachers and students, kitchen, library, laboratory, Sports Palace and stadium.

Now there is a presidential school in this area. In the future, the agency of presidential educational institutions will also be located here. In this way, the territory will be holistic, specializing in education.

Another project is aimed at the reconstruction of state museums in the future. According to him, it is planned to improve the internal conditions of the premises, equipping them with modern techniques, while preserving the architecture and historical value of the buildings.

The project of restoration of Aquapark in the Technopark in yashnabad district is also promising. For this purpose, 4,5 hectare of land is intended, along with the currently unused building. Uaua is recovering from foreign direct investment evasion. Here there will be indoor and outdoor pools, attractions, a snack bar, playgrounds.

It is known that a nationwide project “green space” is being implemented in our country. In proportion, it is planned to restore the flower garden in the territory of the astronomical Park in the Yunusabad district.

The presentation also discussed measures to improve the road infrastructure of the city. In particular, the project to expand the highway between the Pop district and the city of Namangan was considered.