Proposals for the creation of

The Committee on Ecology asks citizens to decide to which districts and mahallas to send proposals for planting trees and creating green spaces.

In accordance with the instructions of the president, given at a conference call on August 24, dedicated to the topic of ecology, green zones will be created in the regions, free from attractions, where people will relax in the fresh air, and trees will be planted in front of each house.

The main executor and controller of this task will be the State Committee for Ecology and Environmental Protection.
These days, the committee asks citizens to send their proposals on the organization of green spaces and public parks in each district, planting seedlings depending on climatic conditions.

The regional governors were instructed to distribute at least 5 million seedlings of shrub fruit and landscape trees to the population from a savings account for free in October-November.

"You can leave suggestions until September 6 inclusive on the Telegram channel of the State Committee of Ecology – @eco_2021_bot or by calling 71 207 07 70 (internal 1001#, 5555#)", – the press service of the Committee of Ecology of Uzbekistan says.