Public safety instructions have been issued

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited the Situation and Analysis Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on May 3.

This complex specializes in the management of the forces and means of law enforcement agencies on the basis of information technology. The modern building was built and equipped with 18 servers with 554 terabytes of memory, a large surveillance screen.

The center automatically collects and processes data from the 102 system, video surveillance cameras, the Internet and other sources. The violation is quickly identified by means of the license plate of the vehicle or the face of the person, and a search is organized. This system works with artificial intelligence and the human factor is minimal. Through them, the center serves to ensure public safety throughout the country.

The President inspected the conditions at the center and got acquainted with the work system. He stressed the need to integrate the data of all law enforcement agencies and emergency services.

"It's a big deal. But we need to increase coverage and speed. When will people feel safe and free? When will there be more tourists? If there is no crime, if they believe in safety, if the streets are tidy - everything is safe. To do this, it is necessary to integrate the data of all law enforcement agencies as a whole. It is necessary to change the outlook of each employee of the network involved in this integration”, said Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

It was noted that it is important to train personnel for the system in the universities of information technology, to organize the work of analysts working with modern technologies in the district and city police departments. The task of introducing online services such as electronic queuing and remote access, which excludes the human factor, has been set in the system of internal affairs.

The system implemented in Samarkand region within the framework of the "Safe Tourism" program was demonstrated here.