Ruslanbek Davletov: saved 46 billion UZS and 100 tons of paper

At the Tashkent Youth Forum, Justice Minister Ruslanbek Davletov briefed youngsters on systemic reforms.

“Today, there is no sector in our country that has not been reformed”, - said Ruslanbek Davletov. “Reform is a law, a legitimate document. No paper has been used since we switched to the electronic system. The justice system saves 100 tons of paper per year. The abolition of the requirement for 34 types of certificates has saved 46 billion UZS”.

Moreover, the forum highlighted the magnitude of youngsters’ active engagement in multiple scopes.

“The thing we lack is an idea. Digitalization may appear simplistic, yet what is to be digitalized? The youth must ponder and work on the programs and ideas that would ease the process”, went on the Minister.