Russia – the USA: Diplomatic settlement is the best solution ever

Following talks in Geneva between Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, it was announced that the United States and Russia were planning a new meeting.

This is expected to happen after Moscow accepts Washington’s written proposals on security guarantees. In Geneva, Lavrov reiterated that Russia did not intend to attack Ukraine in defiance of the US fears.

The situation around Ukraine must be resolved diplomatically, otherwise it is contrary to international law. The UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres made the announcement:

"Obviously, my appeal is that there should be no military intervention in this situation. I believe that the way to solve the problem is diplomacy. Certainly, any country's invasion of another country is against international law. I hope this will not happen in the current situation. I'm sure it won't happen and I hope I'm right".

"The United States sees Russian troops on the Russian-Ukrainian border. We are concerned about this, but we believe there is still room for a diplomatic solution" - Kirby said.

The day before, engineers from the Joint Armed Forces of the Western Military District conducted a training exercise in the Voronezh region, which borders Ukraine, where more than 500 servicemen were involved. The exercise zone is a source of concern for Western countries.