Sanatoriums treat the elderly who need care and live alone every year

A community-level system will be established to provide financial support to the elderly, provide them with daily care, and increase their attention.


More than 16,000 elderly people in need of care and living alone are treated in sanatoriums every year;

Medicines, prosthetic and orthopedic devices for 25,000 elderly people with severe and low-income conditions will be provided by the state, and the cost of surgery will be covered from the budget;

Up to 540,000 soums of the monthly subscription will be covered for sports facilities such as stadiums, tennis courts, gyms, swimming pools;

The cost of tickets for theaters and museums for the elderly will be fully reimbursed.

The Minister of Tourism, together with the governors of the regions, has been instructed to start the tour of the older generation to the shrines, newly built parks, cultural complexes and centers from May 1.