School grades will be considered for admission to the university

The Cabinet of Ministers approved the regulation on the procedure for calculating the average grade of school graduates and taking it into account at the entrance examinations to the university.

The regulation provides for:
- maintenance by educational institutions of electronic platforms that reflect the last 6 years of compulsory 11-year education, and the entry of grades on these platforms;
- calculating the average grades of graduates, the order of their display on electronic platforms and transferring data to the special electronic program "Abitur" of the State Test Center through the platform of interdepartmental integration of the "Electronic Government" system;
- the accounting of the average scores of educational institutions when calculating the results of tests for admission to universities.

It is determined that the marks for the last 6 years out of 11 years of study in the school graduate certificate are added to the entrance scores for higher education institutions. Estimates are calculated through electronic platforms and sent to the GTZ Abitur program.

The GPA is calculated by dividing the total of the annual grades in grades 6-11 or 6-9 and 1-2 courses in the subjects taught.

The maximum score is considered 100 percent and the scores are transferred to the grading system as follows:

for 86-100% - 5 points;
71-85% - 4 points;
56-70% - 3 points;
up to 56% - 2 points.

This procedure comes into force from the 2022/2023 academic year.