Second round: Russian and Ukrainian delegations must go on

The second round of negotiation between the Russian and Ukrainian delegations is scheduled for today. The first meeting took place on February 28 in Belarus. "We are in favor of negotiations. We just need to stop bombing people first, and then we can start negotiations," President Zelensky said on the eve of the consultations.

Kyiv welcomed the seventh day of the war in the worst case scenario: the Russian Defense Ministry announced plans to launch "clear strikes" on facilities in the Ukrainian capital. The TV tower is not operating and the death toll continued to rise.

There have been reports of a large accumulation of Russian armored vehicles on the northern side of Kyiv, and the Russian command has said that civilians may leave the city - with observers reporting that preparations are being made for an attack.

The UN reported that dozens of people have been killed and injured in the past six days since the invasion of Ukraine.

Russia claims that the strikes are aimed only at military targets and refers to the flow of "false" information about the situation in Ukraine.

Territorial defense is being intensified in Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities. Currently, the number of refugees is mainly women and children.