Shavkat Mirziyoyev spoke about the problems of Namangan region that need to be solved

The President highlighted the problematic areas - water supply, housing and healthcare.

• More than 127,000 people are unemployed, and 42,000 more young people enter the labor market every year. 27,000 families do not have a permanent source of income.

• The level of drinking water supply in Mingbulak, Kosonsoy, Turakurgan, Pop and Chust very low, and 27 mahallas do not have centralized drinking water supply at all.

• There is a great need for housing in the region. An additional 52,000 homes need to be built in Namangan alone, as the population will grow to 1 million over the next five years.

• Due to the lack of water, 19 thousand hectares of agricultural land are not used in agriculture and water management in Kosonsoy, Pop, Chust, Yangikurgan.

• There are still many unresolved issues in the health and education systems. 709 thousand people or 25% of the population suffer from chronic diseases.