Since the beginning of the year, gold has fallen in price by almost $ 200

The export of precious metals fell significantly, while the value of external assets decreased. From the report of the Central Bank on the balance of payments and external debt for half a year. Total assets in the public administration sector, according to the report, decreased by $ 755 million - minus 2% to the level of the beginning of the year. Now they amount to $ 34.2 billion. The fall in the price of gold was named as the main factor in reducing the value of assets. The regulator notes that if at the beginning of the year an ounce of gold was estimated at $ 1,957.2, then at the end of June - at $ 1,758.
At the beginning of the year, the Central Bank sold $ 1.3 billion in gold. Sales fell in May and early June. During this period, the price for it grew after a decline in the first months of the year. Uzbekistan has not sold gold since mid-June.