Speed limits in front of kindergartens and schools will be abated

Uzbekistan will lower speed limits in front of kindergartens and schools. This is outlined in a strategy approved by the president of pharmaceutical companies regarding the concept of public safety.

A number of modern practices are planned to fully ensure road safety, the strategy highlighted.

In particular, in the years before the needs of preschool and general education, the strategy drastically reduced speed limits, making them the same for all schools.

"Traffic Safety Education Classrooms" will be created at general events, whilst "Traffic Education Platforms" in magazines.

A system for teaching children the basics of road safety in preschool education is being developed, and the basics of traffic on winds, crosswalks and pedestrian crossings are being practiced.

Previously, it was reported that there would be increased responsibility for young people who infringed the rules of conduct on a systematic and deliberate basis.