State policy in the field of security is carried out by the National Guard

The Law "On Security Activities" was signed by the President.

According to the law, the main tasks of security activities are:

protection of life and health of individuals from aggression;
protection of property and objects of individuals and legal entities from aggression;
maintaining public order on the territory of protected objects, prevention and suppression of offenses;
control over the protected objects of legal entities and ensuring the internal regimes of the object.
State policy in the field of security is carried out by the National Guard.

It is not allowed to carry out security activities by individuals and organizations of foreign countries, including private organizations.

The National Guard provides security on a contract basis at the request of individuals and legal entities.

According to the law, in accordance with the contract of protection, the subjects carrying out security activities must fully compensate for the damage caused to the protected object as a result of their actions (inaction).

The use of physical force, special means and service weapons by servicemen and employees of security units of state bodies shall be carried out in accordance with the procedure established by legislation.

Entities engaged in guarding activities may use service dogs to perform the task assigned to them.