Supporting people in need

Within the framework of the meeting, the President of our country noted the need to raise the work on social support of the needy segments of the population to a new level.

- the level of provision of the needy population with social benefits and material assistance will be increased from the current 60 to 100 percent. All of them receive free medical care guaranteed by the state;

- when calculating the basic pension, the maximum salary is increased from the current 10 to 12 times. This means that the pensions of 2 million citizens will be increased by at least 20 percent;

- a system of social housing rental for citizens in need of housing will be introduced;

- the National Vocational Training and Employment Program has been developed and is being implemented, which provides for a 3-fold increase in the employment of persons with disabilities;

- Grants for higher education for girls from low-income families will increase from year to year and will reach 6 thousand by 2026.