Textiles are a low-cost, high-income sector

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev is chairing a video conference on measures to increase cotton production through science-based seed production and agro-technologies, as well as increase exports of textile products based on deep processing of cotton.

The meeting discusses:

increase cotton yield and volume by at least 30% due to science-based seed and agro-technologies;
deep processing of cotton and increasing the industry's exports by at least two times are being discussed.
"This is a great opportunity and resource for our economy," he said. Textiles are an industry that brings us more income than gold at a lower cost.

Therefore, we have introduced a complete cluster system in the industry. Today, we have 100% processing of cotton fiber (five years ago, 40% of fiber was processed).

Over the past three years, more than 23 trillion soums have been allocated to the textile clusters to support the industry. In addition, the clusters themselves have invested about 7 trillion soums in private investment. As a result, about 350 large factories were put into operation.

"Production has increased fivefold, while exports have quadrupled to about $ 3 billion," President said.