The army of Uzbekistan ranks 51st among 140 countries of the world in the rating of military power Global Firepower Index - 2021

In terms of armament and numerical strength, the Uzbek army, in company with Belarus and Portugal, outstripped Kazakhstan (61), Azerbaijan (63), Turkmenistan (86), Kyrgyzstan (93), Tajikistan (99) and Armenia (100).

The USA, Russia and China remain the leaders of the world rating of military power. In addition, India, Japan, South Korea, France, Great Britain, Brazil and Pakistan managed to enter the top 10.

According to the portal, the Kingdom of Bhutan, the Republic of Kosovo and the Republic of Liberia have the worst armament indicators. The authors of the rating indicate that when it was created, more than 50 individual factors were taken into account, ranging from military power and funding to material and technical capabilities and geography. The nuclear potential was not taken into account.

According to the Global Firepower Index - 2021, the number of potential conscripts in Uzbekistan is annually increased by 600 thousand people. The total number of military personnel is 70 thousand people.

The total number of aircraft in the Uzbekistan Air Force is 194, including 60 fighters and 33 military helicopters.