The first sensory traffic light was installed in Tashkent

On May 12 of this year, near the secondary school No. 15 of the Almazar district of the capital, employees of the Road Safety Department of the Tashkent Police Department, with the participation of the management, upgraded a pedestrian crossing.

The reason for such innovations is the desire to improve the safety of crossing the road by school students.

In addition to the installed traffic light with a sensor, there is also an LED marking that duplicates the permission and prohibition signal in the form of a strip above the road, which increases the chances of the driver noticing it in a timely manner. When a pedestrian approaches the road, the sensor immediately triggers and switches the traffic light to the mode that allows crossing the road.

Children should know what a traffic light is for and how to use it. This is what their parents should teach them. In many localities, especially small ones, there are no traffic lights. And through them pass busy roads, on which cars move both day and night. Therefore, parents need to talk regularly talk with your child about the rules of the road. In addition, before you take a step on the roadway, it is extremely necessary to make sure that you are safe.