The list of the best universities in the world was published by «QS World University Rankings 2022»

According to the list, the first place is the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the second place is Oxford, and the third place is Stanford University.

1st place: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MIT is an innovative university. Offers the strongest STEM education in the US. Tuition fee:
Bachelor (16+, 4 years old)-$53,450;
master's degree (20+, 1-2) -$53,450.

2nd place: Oxford University. The oldest British university, a research center, a leader in many fields of science, as well as in terms of scientific publications. Oxford faculty members include members of the Royal Society and the British Academy. The tuition fee is:
Bachelor (17+, 3 years) - $30,777 - $36,469;
master's degree (20+, 1-2 years) - $26,365-33,001;
doctoral studies (21+, 3 years) - $25,014-30,102.

3-4 places: Stanford/University of Cambridge.
In the new QS ranking, the third and fourth places were occupied by two universities, Stanford and Cambridge University.
Stanford Tuition Undergraduate - $47331;
Master's - $44184.

Cambridge University Bachelor (17+, 3 years) - $35,235 - $43,882;
master's degree (20+, 1-2 years) - $27,721 - $35,476;
PhD (21+, 3 years) - $29,332 - $33,085.

5th place: Harvard University.
Bachelor (17+, 4 years) - $49,653;
master's degree (20+, 1-2 years) - $47,600;
doctoral studies (21+, 3 years) - $44,420.

6th place: California Institute of Technology.
Undergraduate - $48,111,
Master's - $48,111.

7th place: Imperial College London.Depending on the major, a student can expect to pay between £23,000 and £26,000 per year.

8-9 places: ETH Zurich.
ETH Zurich is one of the world's leading technical universities and ranks among the leaders in the natural sciences and engineering. 21 Nobel laureates studied or taught here. Tuition at this institution costs less than $2,500 per year for undergraduate programs. Those who wish to pursue a master's degree at this university should expect to spend $1,714 per year in tuition.

8-9 places: University College London.
The first university in London, it was also the first in England to reject religious and gender bias in its admissions. A leading biomedical research center with campuses in Qatar and Australia.
Bachelor - $25,237;
master's degree - $24,948.

10th place: University of Chicago.
A prestigious university not only in the scientific field, but also in the fields of society and politics. In addition to his achievements in humanities and natural sciences, he is also known for his vocational training institutes.
Bachelor - $48,253;
Master's - $45,000.