The mayor of Tashkent City, the first place and the head of tax were warned

At the same time, the whiteness in the neighborhood performance system was strongly criticized.

"Not yet 40 percent saw the result in the work of the deputy governors in the neighborhood.

For example, in 450 neighborhoods, the unemployment rate is higher than 20 percent.

The number of such neighborhoods is 59 in Tashkent region, 52 in Fergana and 45 in Andijan, and more than the rest of the regions,” the president said.

In this regard, the mayor of the city of Tashkent, the first place and the head of taxes were warned strictly. The governors of Fergana and Khorezm regions were assigned to consider the merit of the 1st place.

As well as:

Altinkul district, Zarafshan city governors;

1st place of the governors of bekabad, Akkurgan, Kosonsoy, Nishan, Izkankan, Kurgantepa, Shovot, Dortkul, Tomdi, Dograkurgan, Kumkurgan, Fergana districts, Navoi, Kattakurgan cities;

Karmana, Forish District Prosecutors;

Yangier, Shahrisabz city, Forish district police department heads;

Tax Chiefs of Nurota, Muzrabad, Shahrisabz, Mirzachul districts;

11 representatives of the Republic were dismissed.