The next edition of "Budget for Citizens 2020"

The Ministry of Treasury has prepared an information publication "Budget for Citizens", which allows readers to get acquainted with detailed information on the execution of the State budget in 2020. The publication was prepared within the framework of a joint project of UNDP and the Ministry of Finance "Financing Sustainable Development in Uzbekistan".

The publication provides information on the implementation of the macroeconomic conditions in which the State budget is executed, the results of the execution of the forecast of income receipts, the actual volumes of budget expenditures, on the budget deficit and the sources of its coverage, the execution of local budgets and the state debt.

There is also a section dedicated to the role of the State budget in financing the National Sustainable Development Goals.

It should be emphasized that the execution of the State budget in 2020 took place in difficult socio-economic conditions due to the spread of coronavirus infection. In connection with a decrease in production volumes and a decrease in economic activity caused by the introduction of restrictive measures and quarantine measures, the growth of the national economy slowed down.

“Budget for Citizens 2020” was prepared in two languages: Uzbek and Russian as part of the joint project “Financing Sustainable Development in Uzbekistan”.

Readers can regularly familiarize themselves with the country's budget at all stages of the budget process.
You can get acquainted with the Budget for Citizens in the state and Russian languages ​​on the official website of the Ministry of Finance (, as well as on "Open Budget" (