The personal data of over 500 million Facebook users was posted in a low-level hacking forum

According to RIA Novosti, citing Business insider, personal data and phone numbers of 533 million Facebook users have leaked to the Internet.

Personal information was published on a hacker forum and it was freely available. So, the data of more than 32 million users from the United States, more than 28 million from Saudi Arabia, and almost 10 million users from Russia have leaked to the network.

It's abot about full names, locations, dates of birth and other information.

Elon Gal, CTO of cybersecurity firm Hudson Rock, believes data breaches could be exploited by attackers.

A database of this size, containing personal information such as the phone numbers of many Facebook users, is likely to lead to a situation in which attackers will use this information for social engineering attacks or for hacking attempts.
At the beginning of the year, it was known that the phone numbers of 533 million Facebook users were being sold through the Telegram bot. This data is now available free of charge.
Business Insider reports that Facebook did not respond to "multiple queries."