The «points of growth» for the development of Khorezm were determined

Topical socio-economic issues were discussed at a meeting with Khorezm region activists. Based on the available opportunities in each city, district and makhalla, "points of growth" of the region have been identified.

In particular, it is indicated that there are prospects for the development of textile production and tourism in the city of Urgench, tourism and the construction materials industry in the city of Khiva, textile production and greenhouse facilities in Gurlensky, greenhouses and fruit and vegetable processing in Yangibazar, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering in Tuprakkala districts.

For the implementation of projects in these directions, heads of ministries and banks are assigned to each district. The implementation of all projects will create more than 16 thousand jobs.

In 2021, credit resources for 500 billion soums will be allocated to the development of family entrepreneurship, to increase the employment of youth and women in the region.

One of the "drivers" of the economy of Khorezm is tourism. In this regard, the emphasis was placed on the importance of increasing the number of rooms in hotels, organizing regular and charter flights to Urgench from abroad. In order to develop domestic tourism, instructions were given to improve transport services, in particular, to establish air and rail links with the Fergana Valley, to apply a 30 percent discount on tickets in the initial period. In the future, this experience will be applied in Termez, Samarkand and Bukhara.

It is planned to build a 413-meter bridge across the Amu Darya, which will connect Khorezm with Karakalpakstan, as well as a 79-kilometer railway from the Shavat region to Karauzyak. In the next three years, 2,370 kilometers of internal roads will be repaired.

Particular attention is paid to social issues. It was instructed to build 100 multi-storey buildings for 2 thousand apartments next year and improve drinking water supply in all districts of the region.

Measures for the development of the spheres of education, medicine and culture have been determined.

At the meeting, the President had a separate talk with the youth of the region. After listening to each proposal, the head of state gave appropriate instructions to the responsible persons.

- We live in difficult times, in difficult conditions. In such conditions, each district, each makhalla has its own place and purpose. Khorezm should set high goals for itself, - the head of our state noted.