The President of the Republic of Uzbekistan started visiting the Tashkent region.

As part of his next visit to the Tashkent region Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited the Chinaz district On March 18, 2021, where he got acquainted with the work carried out in the water sector.

In order to fulfill the presidential decree on the development of water management in the Republic of Uzbekistan, large-scale work is underway in the Chinaz region. In t Yangiabad village of Chinaz region, at the expense of attracted investment funds in the amount of 1 million 250 thousand dollars, 850 hectares of land were developed, three reservoirs with a total capacity of 202 thousand cubic meters were built, and drip irrigation was introduced.

On 702 hectares of virgin lands will be sown in double rows and cotton varieties "Andijan-72" will be grown under the film. For this, modern seeders were brought in, capable of laying hoses for drip irrigation and covering the seeds with a film simultaneously with planting seeds.
Export-oriented melons and gourds will be grown on 148 hectares. Part of this land will be provided to unemployed youngsters.